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Recent Work

Playground Cleaning

Leicester Proclean was contacted by a playgroup to come in and clean an outdoor play area.  The playground was for young children and had a

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Roof Cleaning in Oadby

Roof Cleaned in Oadby, Leicestershire: Richard Humphreys, Leicester Proclean Leicester Proclean were recently called out to look at a roof in Oadby, Leicestershire. The property was

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Removing Paint Vandalism

Removing Paint Vandalism: Richard Humphreys – Leicester Pro-Clean Leicester Pro-Clean were called out to a house in Evington, Leicester recently. The homeowner wanted us to clean

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Driveways Cleaned

Residential Driveway cleaned in Leicester: Richard Humphreys, Leicester Pro-Clean. We were recently called out to a property in Leicester, the property had a brick-paved area

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