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Imprinted Concrete Resoration

Imprinted concrete has quickly become a popular choice of paving throughout Leicester. Due to its appearance, strength and durability many people in areas including Nuneaton, Wigston, Melton Mowbray and Bedworth have spent a lot of money having several different designs & colours of paving laid to enhance the look of their property.

Leicester Pro Clean expertly restores imprinted concrete, utilising quality products and specialised equipment. Our process includes gentle pressure washing to clean without harm. We repair any damage with high-strength compounds and rejuvenate colours with a variety of tints.
Despite its durability, imprinted concrete needs periodic maintenance to retain its best appearance. Re-sealing every few years shields it from elemental damage, preventing color fading and surface deterioration due to snow, ice, and wear.
For optimum results, 2 coats of imprinted concrete sealer should generally be applied to prolong the life of your driveway or patio, adding an anti-slip agent to the final coat, if required. Once the sealer is dry, mastic can be re-applied to the expansion joints to complete the restoration process.
Restore the beauty of your imprinted concrete with Leicester Pro Clean's expert restoration and re-sealing service. Enhance durability, revive color vibrancy, and safeguard against weathering and stains, ensuring your driveway or patio remains stunning for years to come.

Maintenance is cheaper than replacement

Investing in imprinted concrete restoration and re-sealing with Leicester Pro Clean ensures longevity and beauty for your outdoor spaces. Regular maintenance preserves the integrity of your concrete, preventing costly replacements or repairs. With our expertise, you’re guaranteed professional service, using quality materials and techniques. Trust Leicester Pro Clean to revitalise your concrete surfaces, saving you money in the long run while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your property.