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Softwashing Walls and Patio in Leicester

Softwashing Walls and Patio in Leicester: Richard Humphreys, Leicester Pro-Clean.

We were recently called out to Cropstone in Leicester, to carry out a Soft Wash on a retaining wall and a garden Patio.

What is Softwashing?

Softwashing is the removal of dirt, grime, moss, algae lichens using reduced pressure and usually some form of chemical solution.

This particular job required us to – remove black mould, mildew and Moss and black spots from a patio and a retaining wall which was making the outside of the property look unsightly.   Obviously, this work can be done by hand, but its a lot harder to do yourself, so why not call in the experts?

Patio slabs covered in Algae

Low Pressure Washing the Wall and Patio

This Patio looks newly laid now it has been cleaned

This wall has been Softwashed by Leicester Pro-clean

We applied our anti-fungal solution and let that settle before removing the residues and dirt with a lower-pressure water jet from our specialist pressure washer.   The benefits of being able to softwash are that the antifungal solution loosens the mosses and lichens and will also coat all surfaces it is applied to, preventing rapid regrowth.

Secondly, the lower water pressure used prevents and damage to mortars and grouts that can occur when high-pressure water jets are used.  Ultimately it’s all about preserving and extending the life of your property, whilst making the least environmental impact.

The client was very happy with the results knowing it would last 5 times longer than pressure washing alone.

Does Your Property require Softwashing?

If your property is affected by moulds or algae and if you are impressed with the results here,  Get in touch with us today.  We offer a FREE no-obligation quote and will soon have your property gleaming again.

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