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Residential Driveway cleaned in Leicester: Richard Humphries, Leicester Pro-Clean.

We were recently called out to a property in Leicester, the property had a brick paved area at the front of the house, which the homeowner and his family used to park their cars.    The brick-paved driveway had only been laid a few years earlier.  Over time the bricks had become covered in moss and lichens.   It was time for this driveway to get the Leicester Pro-Clean treatment.

Residential Driveway
This driveway needed refreshing

Drive Ways Pressure Cleaned

Upon arrival, our job is fairly straightforward. Our team get to work with industrial-strength pressure washers. These jet washers are far more resilient than the standard, shop-bought ones you might normally use to clean your car or patio with.

In addition, we use a specially formulated anti-fungal formula to ensure hat once cleaned the moss and algae won’t return for a few years.

Types of Driveways Cleaned
It doesn’t really matter what sort of driveway you have. If it’s solid it can be cleaned, and you can trust Leicester Proclean to make an excellent job of it.

  • Patio slabs or rough farmyard time slabs
  • Brick and block paved paths and driveways
  • Tarmac Driveways
  • Resin Driveways

What a Transformation

As you can see the extra power from our pressure washer really made the difference. The driveway looks brand new.  We always take care to repoint any loose joints.


Need Your Driveway Cleaned in Leicester?

Do you live in Leicestershire and have a driveway that needs a refresh?  We clean all types of drives and paths and we guarantee professional service every time.
Sound good?  Get in touch today.   You can either call us on 07801 731628 request your FREE quote here

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