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Driveway Refurbished, Oadby

It’s been a busy summer for Leicester Pro Clean we have had a wide range of jobs all over the West midlands. One recent job was to clean and restore Christine’s tarmac driveway.  The driveway was looking a bit tired and had become damaged in places through normal wear and tear.

How We Repaired The Driveway

The problem with any form of driveway is that they collect organic material, mosses lichens algae and of course those annoyingly persistent small weeds.  To tackle the greening of the driveway we gave it a biocide treatment.  This eco-friendly anti-fungal solution breaks down any organic matter on the surface of the drive.

Once the solution has done its work, we then gave the whole drive a good cleaning with one of our specialist pressure washers. This makes sure all the organic material is removed and helps to distribute the biocide more evenly, getting into all the nooks and crannies of the driveway surface.  Realistically the surface should stay free of organic growth for a few years now.

Making Your Driveway Look Great

Once all the prep work is out of the way we set to making your driveway look great.  We do this by applying 2 coats of Tarmac resin.  Tarmac resin will help to bring your tarmac back to its former glory. The paint that we use is a reviver & sealer that is astonishingly durable.  In addition, it restores tar colour loss, goes on like a dream with excellent coverage, and has an anti-slip finish, which is important.  The paint is also a safe water-based formula.

We don’t use cheap bitumen products available in DIY shops which only provide a temporary solution at best.

As you can see, the work totally rejuvenated the driveway and replaced lost resins and colours from the old tarmac and The customer was very delighted with the transformation of her driveway.
In fact, we did such a good job that we were approached by the client’s neighbour to come and refurbish their driveway too.  The results speak for themselves.

Does Your Driveway Need Refurbishment?

If your drive or paths are looking tired and have seen better days, why not call Leicester Pro-clean? Our professional team will have your drive looking “good as new” in no time. Use the contact form or call us on 07801 731628 to enquire.


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