Decking Cleaning & Oiling

A popular choice of surface by many residents throughout Leicester, is decking. This provides an extension of space to the property and makes an attractive garden feature.



When decking is initially laid it looks great, but it isn’t long before the damp climate encourages growth such as moss and algae to flourish across the surface, making the decking look dirty and potentially slippery and unsafe.

Once dry, we would advise you to apply a quality decking oil. This treatment will feed the wood, replacing natural oils that have been lost through general weathering. It will provide further protection and enhance your decking to its full potential.


Leicester Pro Clean are able to offer a decking cleaning service to make your decking look like new again; restoring the true beauty of the wood. The high-tech equipment that we use is designed to thoroughly clean the decking without causing any damage or ‘striping’ that can be associated with normal jet washing.  We also offer a Block Paving & driveway cleaning service.

At Leicester Pro Clean, we offer a reliable and courteous service, continually committed to providing and maintaining the highest level of client satisfaction.  We also offer a Decking Cleaning Service.

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If you need deck cleaning and oiling in Leicestershire then simply send us the details and we’ll come back to you.

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