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Roof Cleaning in Oadby

Roof Cleaned in Oadby, Leicestershire: Richard Humphreys, Leicester Proclean

Leicester Proclean were recently called out to look at a roof in Oadby, Leicestershire. The property was a semi-detached bungalow.  There were just two surfaces to clean.

The roof was very mossy, and the moss was being picked off by birds.  It was blocking gutters and making the yard below a moss-covered mess. pollen from nearby trees can help contribute to the growth of moss on house roofs.

Moss Covered Roofs

This particular property was pretty straightforward for our team because it only had 2 surfaces that needed moss and lichen removed from them.   Thick, unchecked moss not only looks ugly but can also damage your roof tiles or slates.

Occasionally we find that customers have tried to clean the roof themselves by only scraping the moss off, this isn’t advised.   the roots of the moss will simply grow back very quickly that’s why we treat the roof after the moss has been removed.

Professional Moss Removal Service

Leicester Proclean is an experienced cleaning company. We have cleaned 100s of roofs and we have all the specialist equipment to make the surfaces of your roof look brand new. It pays to book roof cleaning with a professional outfit like Leicester Proclean.  Our team is experienced and fully insured too, so you won’t have to worry about dealing with unscrupulous cowboys.

As well as removing moss we also treated the roof tiles with an antifungal treatment that prevents the mosses and lichens from returning for several years. Everything we use is environmentally friendly too.

Moss removal really makes a dramatic difference to the look of the property, restoring that new roof feeling.

Book Roof Cleaning in Oadby

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