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Removing Paint Vandalism

Removing Paint Vandalism: Richard Humphreys – Leicester Pro-Clean

Leicester Pro-Clean were called out to a house in Evington, Leicester recently. The homeowner wanted us to clean some paint, from the side of their house. Here at Leicester Pro-Clean, we are used to removing paint vandalism. We consider this kind of work to be a fairly simple task that we can carry out quickly for our customers.

Removing Paint and Graffiti

Unfortunately, some people use paint in a way that damages property.  We see many houses, municipal buildings, statues and sculptures where paint has been thrown at them and where property has been damaged in this way.

Someone had thrown paint at the side of this house

Vandalism Treatment

In this instance, the paint was removed by applying a paint softener followed by superheated water to remove the paint.
It takes a little while to soften the paint but the results are totally worth it as you can agree.  The homeowner was so pleased, as he was now able to re-let his rental property.

We successfully removed all traces of the gloss paint that had been thrown at this wall.

Do you Need Paint Vandalism Removing?

If you have a problem with vandalism, get in touch with Leicester Pro-clean today. We have all the specialist equipment to restore your property without damaging it. Don’t let the vandals win, call Leicester Pro-clean.

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