Playground Cleaning

Leicester Proclean was contacted by a playgroup to come in and clean an outdoor play area.  The playground was for young children and had a number of tarmac and soft tarmac areas with small buildings and playground toys such as rockers, see-saws swings etc.

We used a sanitising treatment and pressure washing to clean the playground equipment and the ground surfaces.  Over time, algae moss and general dirt build up on t climbing frames and playground surfaces, which not only contributes to the general wear and tear of the equipment but also makes it less desirable to look at and play on.

Playground Cleaning Service

Our Playground Cleaning service is affordable and reliable. We use eco-friendly cleaning products so that our everyday business doesn’t damage the environment. It is very important to s that we are not only making the environment a nice place to look at but also doing it in a sustainable way, that doesn’t cause long term harm.

Playground Cleaning Service


The client was very happy with the results and has requested that Leicester Proclean returns every 6 months to keep the equipment clean and sanitised.  By bringing USS in to handle the regular cleaning of the playground, this frees up staff to focus on the admin and management tasks which have increased significantly in the Covid19 era.


Need Your Outdoor Play Area Cleaning?

Leicester Procleean serves councils, schools nurseries and playgroups all across Leicestershire, so if you have a playground or outdoor play equipment that is in need of a spruce up, please get in touch for a FREE Quote.  Our Cleaning team will be happy to help.

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