New buildings are certainly impressive but over time rendering becomes dull and pollutants, moss and algae take over, leaving the building looking stained, tired and worse for wear. We specialise in safe and effective outdoor cleaning using the latest technique’s which gently remove dirt without damaging the render underneath. 


Unlike pressure washing, soft washing is the safer alternative which uses low pressure pumps the same as a standard garden hose. A soft wash solution is carefully mixed to use solely for your property and the materials it is made for render, tiles, cladding, roofs, drives, patios, Any surface that is affected by moss mildew etc.

Rinsed away

Soft washing has longer-lasting results and can achieve up to 4-6 times longer than if pressure washed. Soft washing uses much less water than a pressure washer would and is also less noisy due to being a 12-volt battery powered. All in all, it is much gentler than pressure washing with much longer-lasting results

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