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Playground Cleaning

Leicester Proclean was contacted by a playgroup to come in and clean an outdoor play area.  The playground was for young children and had a number of tarmac and soft tarmac areas with small buildings and playground toys such as rockers, see-saw swings etc. We used a sanitising treatment and pressure washing to clean the […]

Roof Moss Removal in Leicestershire

Moss Removal in Leicestershire – Richard Humphreys Leicester Proclean was contacted a couple from Market Harborough. Their roof was covered in a thick layer of moss and algae. They were looking to sell their house and wanted it to look its best before putting it on the market for sale. Removing the Moss We lightly wash […]

Roof Cleaning in Oadby

Roof Cleaned in Oadby, Leicestershire: Richard Humphreys, Leicester Proclean Leicester Proclean were recently called out to look at a roof in Oadby, Leicestershire. The property was a semi-detached bungalow.  There were just two surfaces to clean. The roof was very mossy, and the moss was being picked off by birds.  It was blocking gutters and making […]

Driveway Refurbished, Oadby

It’s been a busy summer for Leicester Pro Clean we have had a wide range of jobs all over the West midlands. One recent job was to clean and restore Christine’s tarmac driveway.  The driveway was looking a bit tired and had become damaged in places through normal wear and tear. How We Repaired The Driveway The […]

Softwashing Walls and Patio in Leicester

Softwashing Walls and Patio in Leicester: Richard Humphreys, Leicester Pro-Clean. We were recently called out to Cropstone in Leicester, to carry out a Soft Wash on a retaining wall and a garden Patio. What is Softwashing? Softwashing is the removal of dirt, grime, moss, algae lichens using reduced pressure and usually some form of chemical solution. […]

Removing Paint Vandalism

Removing Paint Vandalism: Richard Humphreys – Leicester Pro-Clean Leicester Pro-Clean were called out to a house in Evington, Leicester recently. The homeowner wanted us to clean some paint, from the side of their house. Here at Leicester Pro-Clean, we are used to removing paint vandalism. We consider this kind of work to be a fairly simple task […]

Gutters Cleaned in Hamilton, Leicester

Gutter Soffits and Windows Cleaned in Hamilton, Leicester: Richard Humphreys. Leicester Pro-Clean were called out to a house in Hamilton in Leicester recently. The homeowner wanted us to clean the Gutters, Soffits and Windows.  This kind of work is a simple, everyday task for us and the type we can carry out quickly for our […]

Driveways Cleaned

Residential Driveway cleaned in Leicester: Richard Humphreys, Leicester Pro-Clean. We were recently called out to a property in Leicester, the property had a brick-paved area at the front of the house, which the homeowner and his family used to park their cars. The brick-paved driveway had only been laid a few years earlier.  Over time […]

Exterior wall softwash in Leicester

Here’s one of our latest exterior wall softwash jobs in Leicester. The key with timber exteriors is that you can’t use aggressive chemicals or high pressure washing because you may damage the surface. In this case it was important to remove moss and algae/mildew whilst giving it a good clean. Before After Lovely job, thanks […]